• James P Morris $250.00
  • Kathryn Cronin-Chase
  • Laurie Ann Barber $100.00
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  • as I SNOWSHOE 100km across Baffin Island into the Arctic Circle in -5C to -25C temperatures
  • to SUPPORT our VETERANS and their families
  • by RAISING OVER $50,000 for True Patriot Love (team target is $1,000,000)
  • with an exceptional ALL-FEMALE team of ill and injured Veterans, and Civilians from the Canadian business community


Why do Veterans and their families need our help?

  • Soldiers incur lasting mental and physical war wounds
  • Risk of suicide for male Veterans is 1.4x higher than the general population and 1.8x higher for female Veterans
  • 60% of medically released military personnel have permanent physical limitations
  • 700,000 Veterans and their families currently live in Canada, many of which are impacted by challenges related to transitioning to civilian life.
  • Source:  2017 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study and TPL

Why am I doing this?

I was deeply inspired by the self-sacrifice of the athletes and families at 2018’s Toronto Invictus Games and jumped at the chance to Co-Chair this expedition:

  • to give back to our Veterans and their families who selflessly sacrifice for us
  • to keep growing and learning about team-work, leadership, and our Veteran community
  • to disconnect to reconnect so I have even more to contribute to my family, customers, and colleagues upon our return
  • to personally support a Veteran as she transitions into Civilian life
  • to shine a light on mental health
  • to experience the rugged beauty of Canada
  • to indulge my sense of adventure and challenge
  • to be someone my daughter can look up to

How does the expedition help beyond fund-raising?

Veteran Kelly Scanlan (Himalayas 2018) shares:   “The TPL Himalayas Expedition gave me the chance to take on a challenge I never thought I would attempt or be capable of. With the injuries I had suffered, climbing a single flight of stairs was a painful and difficult experience for years. Luckily, with support from friends, family, and groups like TPL, I managed to recover and as part of the 2018 expedition, our team climbed the equivalent of over 1800 flights of stairs. This expedition helped remind me that we can be capable of so much even when we are struggling.”  

How can you help?

Please give as generously as you are able – ANY donation is an OUTSTANDING donation!

Where do your funds go?

All funds raised will go to True Patriot Love ( Since 2012 TPL has produced ambitious expeditions around the world, raising $7.5 million in funding for Veterans programs including enhanced job training and recruitment, rapid job placement, peer-to-peer mental health counselling, and creating a virtual reality therapy program for Veterans living with PTSD.

Can you donate via the United Way?

YES - please tell me though so we can have the funds directed to the TPL Baffin Island Expedition’s fund-raising efforts.

What is the cost of this trip and does your donation go towards that? 

No, my participant fee of $15,000 is paid separately and is not included in the $50,000 fundraising goal.

How else can you get involved?

Come out and train with us!

Follow us on social media (links to be added shortly)

Will you receive a tax receipt?



  • Scotiabank for being the Platinum Sponsor and sending me as the Bank’s representative
  • Scotiabank friends and colleagues for being engaged and excited as I get ready
  • My family and Sean for their love and support (as always), and especially to my daughter for giving up two weeks together so I can give back to our community
  • My many steadfast friends who are training with me and cheering me on